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100+ Free Mp3 Download Sites – Music Downloading Websites Online

Do you want free mp3 download sites to get free music? Unlimited and free music download until the disk capitulated – can this be legal? The answer is yes. The reason: Few musicians careers begin immediately with sold-out stadiums, champagne showers and gilded Rolls Royce. The music industry has become very cautious when it comes to giving unknown newcomers a contract and to finance the long way to the top of the charts. That does not mean that these musicians have less talent or potential – they fit simply not currently in the concept of the record companies. Sometimes they sound too unusual, or their sound is similar to a very built up with much effort Star – maybe they are even better? In the past, these artists would have to put up with a place in the waiting room. In the Internet age, but everyone has a chance to introduce themselves and their music. Cheap PCs and software for home recording to ensure that the quality of the images is comparable to much more expensive productions. This music is just waiting to be discovered by you. Be also not be surprised if you meet the described in this article offers on many well-known names as you explore. Using the Internet to reach a gigantic audience, what could be more than to stir with a free music mp3 sites or video for the newly released album the big drum to inspire new fans or bring old fans remembered.Free Mp3 Download Sites  will helpfull when you don’t know any sites.

free mp3 download sites

Free Mp3 Download sites for Unlimited Music :

How wonderful that works, you can see the example of the techno musician Moby: The song “Shot in the Back of the Head” became the iTunes success, while he was standing ready at the same time for free download on the artist’s website. Below you will learn about the best sources of free music on the Internet. Free Mp3 Download Sites here are official links.

When looking for free legal music on the internet you’ll quickly to the concepts of Creative Commons or free license encounter.Artists providing their music for free download have mostly agreed to release under a so-called Creative Commons license. In simple terms this means that the rights to the song remain with the author, but the private use is free.

Below is an overview of the best sites for free music. In this area you can essentially distinguish two models: portals offer himself music files for download, link services in contrast, have only the way to download mp3.Both methods have their advantages, give it a try.

Also Check for Descargar Musica Gratis  SoundCloud Downloader

 Check out these top ten sites for downloading unlimited music:

  • Mp3 Skull
  • BeeMP3s
  • MP3Raid
  • MP3Box
  • MP3Fusion
  • DjRaag
  • Epitonic
  • YouTube
  • SeekaSong
  • EMP3World
  • Itunes


mp3.de is a commercial online music store – which has so search the portal for the free offers? Quite simply mp3.de has next to the shop also has a wide range of free and / or low-cost downloads. The site is on the net since 1997 and is one of the largest German Offered for free music. Overall mp3.de includes around one million tracks by freelance artists, of which more than 100,000 songs for private use free of charge and the rest available for a fee. Very great importance mp3.de also to his community: In addition to news and facts on the subject of music, there are several functions for musicians and fans to get in touch and exchange ideas. Check below for the 10 best methods to download mp3 songs.

What do I need?

music downloads

All you need is a current Internet browser. The range of new music sites can be accessed via the button Trend wrought in the top menu bar of the home page. Registration is required only if music is to be purchased. Music files are in MP3 or OGG format ready and can therefore be played with all software players, portable devices. The bit rate for promo title begins at 96 kbit / s and reaches depending song up to 320 kbit / s. In addition, however exisitieren also paid title in DRM-protected WMA format. Of all the titles there are short audio samples. The download is a link to the page. Warning: free and paid offers mingle with mp3.de, so be sure to pay attention to the prices shown. share these Free Mp3 Download Sites with friends and make them happy.

mp3 download:


Jamendo is an international web portal and is available in several Spachen – including German – available. Currently, Jamendo provides claims to own 40,000 mp3 files albums with more than 260,000 titles of 9,500 artists from all genres. Among the most albums include moreover cover images and other extras. In addition to the free download / streaming, a fee-based service for commercial use is available, so that, for example, shopkeepers can sonicate their rooms with Gema-free music. This is also an Free Mp3 Download Sites for free.

All you need is a current Internet browser. Registration is not required for download and streaming, but only registered users can set up a separate area, write reviews, etc. The music is in MP3 and / or offered OGG format and can therefore with all software players, portable devices play will. Even the immediate Listen browser streaming is possible. The download is a direct link on the page or over a Bittorrent client. Jamendo additionally provides free tools such as the JAMplayer and JamRadio ready, although you do not have to be used.


Elixic is a German web portal that is centered around the promotion of unknown Künster ordered. Offered are claims to some 26,000 titles from more than 6,000 artists. Basically, all genres are represented, but the focus is on Independent. In addition to the free download area, of course, is the heart of the website, Elixic also excels with comprehensive news, videos and Hintergrundportäts of known and unknown musicians. The download is a link to the page.Users also have the option to rate the downloads and so to make recommendations.

All you need is a current Internet browser. No registration is required. The music is available in MP3 format and can therefore be played with all software players, portable devices or streamed in the browser. So check below for free mp3 download sites.

music downloader:


MusicDownload24 specializes in downloads in the fields of newcomers and independent label. So far, you will find here some 30,000 titles from 6,000 artists. In addition, new music groups and artists are supported and encouraged. The MusiCat directory offers artists the opportunity to write their own web presentations.

All you need is a current Internet browser. No registration is required. The music is available in MP3 download format and can therefore be played with all software players, portable devices or streamed in the browser. Of all the songs are audio samples ready in two quality levels.


mp3.com is not about the English version of the above-featured web page mp3.de, but one of the oldest web portals for free music at all. After an eventful history has mp3.com today a mix of free streaming content of songs and whole albums of famous artists and around 60,000 titles from newcomers, you can download and save for private use that. The portal also includes additional six million paid titles. These come from mp3.com self-produced content such as interviews, concerts, or radio channels. A vibrant community extends the range by their own reviews, video, blogs etc.

Basically, your browser is sufficient for streaming the free Adobe Flash Player is also required. Can be reached via the button Free Music on the top menu bar of the home page the free area. The music offered is available for download in MP3 format ready and can be played with all software players, portable devices or streamed in the browser. Of the paid content Samples are available.


Tonspion offers itself no music files, but scours the internet for websites with music, lets you search for artists and then redirects the user to download further. Therefore, no information on the number of existing songs and the formats used can be made: In Tonspion see only what is offered elsewhere. Most of the listed music files are mostly self-released officially by the artists or record companies and are therefore legally without a doubt. Tonspion saves you to rattle the websites of your favorite bands looking for free MP3s individually. Nevertheless doubts cases can occur, especially in the difference between German and American law – you exercise your common sense and do not take any risk.

Nothing at all, just an Internet browser. When you register, are useful options, such as automatic notification of new website for MP3 downloads of your favorite artist or recommendations. Required registration is not.

Unlimited Free Songs Download Sites List Collection :

free mp3 sites


Became known Last.fm as an Internet radio station that adapts its program to the personal preferences of the individual listener.There is also a download offer, which is however well hidden.Last.fm offers a whole series of free MP3s from unknown artists from all genres that you should even give a chance.

Only a browser. The music offered is available for download in MP3 format ready and can be played with all software players, portable devices or streamed in the browser. The download area is hard to find: Scroll down the page to the very end. In the small print can be found under the heading More link to Free Music Downloads .


Surprises there are always and in “Audio Video Foto Bild” even daily: on the website of the Journal of Consumer Electronics can be found every day a different song for free download or mp3 downloader. This is a bit like roulette, but it may be worth. Previously belonged as artists such as Bob Dylan, David Bowie and Amy Winehouse for free offers.

Only an Internet browser. An indication of the daily download can be found right on the first page under the big picture with the main themes.


With iTunes there for free? In fact, when the free area is also small and is confined to audiobooks, podcasts (radio broadcasts to take away) and some classical recordings. Larger the free offer is at Apps for iPhone and iPad, but that’s not the issue here. Still worth taking a look – especially if you are interested in English language content.

The free content can be found under the headings iTunes U and podcasts of the iTunes Store, so you need the iTunes software and a user’s account. Here’s how the free area:

  • Launch iTunes.
  • Click in the left menu bar on iTunes Store. A connection is established.
  • Now select in the top menu bar iTunes U or podcasts.
  • If you have found a track you are interested, click on the appropriate entry and then on Load Track.
  • Click iTunes U or podcasts in the left menu bar to view the downloaded tracks.

MP3s find with Clickster

The search for free music can make quite costly if every website needs to be canvassed individually. In addition, many music files can be set only on the artist or the record company website – and sometimes even for a short time. Deals like the highly recommended Tonspion afford here already good support by collecting the scattered links. But sometimes one is looking for a particular song, and would like to know whether this is currently available on the Web.

For this task, the free program Clickster has established among music lovers. Clickster place according to the manufacturer more than 150 million downloads, removes dead links and can be launched directly from a storage medium. With the simple interface, you can search for MP3s in the search box quickly. The results can listen or download immediately.

Clickster is at various places on the Internet and link Remlap software to download, currently is version The program is an executable file for Windows and can be started directly.Important: Clickster is no peer-to-peer software (P2P), you do not share your music files so with other users.

Start Clickster. Enter in the upper fields, enter the name of this artist and / or song. Click the button Find . The search may take some time to complete. You get a list of all MP3 downloads files that match your search criteria and were found on the web. Double-click on the desired item to play it immediately. Right-click on the entry information, download the song. The first time, you can specify a download directory here. Thanks for checking how to get free mp3 download sites, comment below for more. share these Free Mp3 Download Sites with friends and family.

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