Want to instagram login online? Follow our guide and you could able to have instagram sign in page and enter your username / password to discover more photos from friends. You do have some limitations when you login instagram online. You will be able to explore photos and videos on instagram.com

Instagram Login – Sign up (Create Account with Facebook)

Instagram is one of the popular photo sharing app which is more popular among teens all over the world. Instagram have so many features same as Snapchat. But as always due to its user base, All features are consistently used by instagram users and they loved those features on instagram.

instagram login

Instagram allows you to share any photos or videos on your feed. One of the best know features is the quality of the picture and the filters applied to photos/videos are always a top-notch. Now we have Instagram stories where you can update photos and videos only for 24hrs after the time it will be deleted automatically.

Recently Instagram introduced, Photo collage which comprises of many photos on a single post. There are lot more to talk about instagram and now we will focus on creating and login to instagram with facebook.

Instagram Sign up with Facebook

Do you love instagram? Wanted to create insta account? You have 2 options to choose., go with instagram sign up with facebook or you can create account with email id or phone number. Now lets see how to create instagram account in easy steps, Just follow the below instructions.

instagram sign up

Sign up with Facebook

  1. Visit Instagram.com and Click on Login with Facebook.
  2. It will be redirected to Facebook.com which requires your permission to access certain information.
  3. Click on Allow and You will be now redirected to Instagram.com
  4. Now Edit your profile information data and Save changes.

Sign up with Email/Phone number

  1. Visit Instagram.com and fill up the sign up page
  2. Enter your phone number or email
  3. Enter your username
  4. Now type password
  5. Click on Sign up button

NOTE: Once you had followed the above process to create account, its mandatory to verify your email to activate your account.

Instagram Login / Sign in

Sign up with Facebook

  1. Visit Instagram.com and Click on Login with Facebook.
  2. It will be redirected to Facebook.com and will be automatically redirected to Instagram.com
  3. Now browse photos and videos from your friends on Instagram.

NOTE: As you had granted permission to use facebook to access instagram account, it wont ask permission for second time.

instagram login with facebook

Login with Email/Phone number

  1. Visit Instagram.com and fill up the login page
  2. Enter your phone number or email or username
  3. Now type password
  4. Click on Login button

Edit Instagram Profile Online

You could edit your instagram profile from mobile as well as desktop. Now we will guide you on what all information are available to edit from desktop. Follow the below guide to help you with editing instagram profile.

  1. Click on “Edit Profile” from Setting gear button found on profile page.
  2. Change your name, username, website, email id and phone number, if you need.
  3. Change your short bio.
  4. Click on Submit to save changes.

NOTE: Only 150 characters are allowed on Instagram Bio, so keep it short. Also, you can’t change your username more than 5 times.

instagram setting

Change Instagram Password

It is essential to keep your instagram account safe. Atleast 3months once, keep changing your instagram account password. To change your instagram password, follow below steps.

  1. Navigate to “Change password” from Setting in Profile page
  2. Enter your Old Password
  3. Now enter your new password and re-enter to confirm it
  4. Click on “Change Password” to change it

Once you had changed your password, it will be logged out from all the devices. So you need to login to instagram from all your devices which you had used earlier.

Authorized Apps

If you had authorized any of the third-party app to access your profile and Instagram photos, It is mandatory keep record of those app on your account setting. You can manage list of authorized apps under your setting on your account.

To revoke access to any third-party apps, just follow the below steps.

  1. Visit Authorized App under Setting from your profile page.
  2. Authorized Apps will be listed on this page.
  3. Check out for app information details which access certain information.
  4. Click on “Revoke access” to stop authorizing certain apps.

How to Delete Instagram Account

If you wish to move away from Insta, You might need to disable your account. People rather looking for deleting instagram account. Because deleting insta account is not possible. It only allows you to temporarily disable your account.

Follow the below steps on how to delete instagram account temporarily.

how to delete instagram account

  1. Visit “Edit Profile” under Setting from your profile page
  2. Scroll down little bit to find “Temporarily disable my account” and Click on it.
  3. Now you need to select any available reason and Enter your password.
  4. After entering, Click on “Temporarily Disable Account”.

NOTE: When you deactivate instagram account, your profile, photos and comments will be hidden. You can disable your account once a week.

We hope we had shared enough information about instagram login. Also, full detailed instruction on how to create instagram account with facebook or email to start sharing your photos/videos on Instagram. If you have any problem with instagram, feel free to comment below and we will help you.