List of Best gifts for one year old : The gifts that will not be missing on your child’s first birthday. A list of gifts that will not be missing on your little one’s birthday. The first birthday of your child is approaching and everyone is asking you what do you need? If you can not think of anything, here’s a little help.

Keep in mind that at this age and to capture their attention, the gifts should be like the adornments: large and flashy but this is not enough, you also have to know more about the stage a child who has reached the year passes through of life: that interests them, entertains them and stimulates them.

Upon reaching a year of life, the baby is a better physically developed and with greater cognitive abilities; he communicates better and is more precise in his movements. He even stands up.

Now it has been a few months and our son continues to grow and discover the world in other ways, so you have to buy toys suitable for one year old.

Best Gifts for one year old

Our baby from 6 to 12 months of age will have acquired the following abilities:

  • Make more voluntary movements.
  • You will already have the ability to recognize voices and begin to express yourself with easy words like “no”, “yes”  or “dad and mom”.
  • They will begin to explore, hit objects and look for hidden things.
  • They can drag and hold everything in front of them, and they are able to sit down.

Consequently, the toys suitable for this phase must fulfill some basic characteristics:

  • They will be attracted to toys that roll like balls, games to fit things.
  • Toys that draw a lot of attention: sound, with many colors, with different textures.
  • Tentetiesos and rag dolls will begin to find among your favorite belongings
  • Toys for water and game rugs.

Gifts for 1 year old babies :

  1. Fisher Price – (AMAZON LINK) Children’s blocks with transportable cube
  2. Fisher Price – (AMAZON) Balancing Pyramid
  3. 100 colored (Amazon) plastic balls (6 cm), assorted colors
  4. Children’s playground (PURCHASE LINK) hexagonal baby

Our baby from 18 to 24 months of age will have acquired the following abilities:

  • They are already supported thanks to the improvement of their balance
  • They already speak and understand
  • They feel satisfied when they get something.
  • Discover their environment and nature
  • They play with their friends
  • The first symbolic games appear

Consequently, the toys suitable for this phase must fulfill some basic characteristics:

  • Games involving movement: cars, swings, bicycles
  • Games that can be expressed: slate, paintings
  • Any kind of dolls, animals

Toys for one year old :

  1. LEGO Bricks (AMAZON) & More – My first vehicles
  2.  My First Coloring and Stickers Set (AMAZON)

This is the entire list of gifts for one year old boys, girls, babies and toddlers.

Toys not recommended

Being still very small, some children are scared by the talking dolls. Avoid them.

They are not yet ready for a tricycle and even less a bicycle (however small) because they do not even reach the pedals and can not even pedal yet.

The toys that are strictly forbidden are the ones that are too small, that your little boy can put in his mouth; and sharp or pointed, for obvious reasons.

What is not a toy and therefore, is not suitable for a small child is a pet. It does not matter if it’s a puppy, a kitten or a little fish, the one-year-olds do not yet understand responsibilities. If you want a pet, buy it for yourself or expect the child to be a bit more grown up.

Finally, remember that …

The function of the gifts is to show them how much their parents, grandparents, uncles and friends want them. But yes, it is not advisable to give many at once, since at this age they need few toys and when they open the third gift they will have forgotten the first one.

Also keep in mind that any colored doll will make you more excited than an expensive toy.